Gift Ideas That Show Your Family Pride

Finding out as much about your heritage and family history can be fun and exciting. One thing that many people search for when they begin doing this research is which crest or coat of arms they can display or wear with pride. This is not always as straightforward as it seems. A family crest or a coat of arms can have subtle but important differences even if they are designed for different members of the same family. For example, there can be changes to a coat of arms depending on a person’s birth order.

Where to look for family crests
There are many places where you can look for the same crests that your ancestors wore with pride. In the past, it was difficult to find a company such as this unless you were fortunate enough to locate a booth at a local event. Now, however, many of these companies are offering their products online. A word of caution is necessary when you are working with an online company. It is important to tell a company as much about your family history as possible. That way, the crest or coat of arms that their research turns up has a higher likelihood of being the correct one for your family.

In the past, wearing the wrong coat of arms, or wearing a coat of arms without having been given permission was a punishable offense, much as forging a signature or creating counterfeit money would be.

You have several options if you decide to have an online company locate your family crest. You can choose to do the genealogical research yourself or to have an independent company do the research for you. If you choose to complete the research yourself it can be quite time consuming but end up being very rewarding in the end. Having a company do the research for you can be a bit more expensive but they may have resources that you do not. If you are lacking a lot of information about your background or family tree, this may be an option that you will want to explore.

What to do when you have found your family coat of arms
Once you have found a family crest, you can now decide what you want to do with the image and what kind of gift you would like to give. While it can be wonderful to simply give a plaque or scroll with the crest on it, here are some other gift ideas you may want to consider.

Having your coat of arms on a piece of jewelry can be fantastic. Crests and coats of arms can make wonderful pieces that show family pride. A woman may love a pendant or a bracelet that has a coat of arms worked into the design in some way. Men, on the other hand, may prefer items such as signet rings, belt buckles or even cuff links. They may enjoy heavier versions of signet rings, especially if the rings can be used as a seal for verifying documents If jewelry is out of your price range, there are still many excellent gifts that feature coats of arms or crests. Many of these items will fit beautifully into any home decorating style. Items are also available in a range of prices so even if larger items are too expensive, you may still be able to afford an item that is just as beautiful but which is more affordably priced.